Top Tips for Spring for Safety, Security at Work and Home

Warmer weather is on the horizon and spring is in full swing. As with every changing season, there are key preventative steps for you to take to maintain safety and security for your business, home and most importantly, you!


For Your Business

With spring comes warmer weather, and with warmer weather comes the
desire for fresh air. If you prop any doors open, please contact Central Station
to prevent false alarms. Be sure to secure all doors before arming the system

at the end of the day.


With many employees on vacation, ensure that authorized users and
emergency contacts on your account will be reachable in the event of an alarm or emergency. Take the time to connect with our team to update your user and contact lists.


Be cautious when using email auto-responders and voicemail greetings. Using the exact dates you’ll be out of the office (or business will be closed) informs criminals of when to target your facility.


Test smoke alarms at your facility. It’s recommended to change the batteries twice yearly with clocks spring forward and fall back.


For Your Home

As with your office email, don’t advertise your vacation plans until you’ve returned back home.


If you are planning on traveling, keep an eye and a tight hold on personal belongings and always secure your valuables. Have a trusted neighbor or friend collect your mail and newspapers when you are out.


If you are staying in a hotel, try to reserve a room above the first floor (provides easy access for criminals) and below the sixth floor, as fire ladders may not extend to higher floors.