Sonitrol Intrusion Security System In Action

Sonitrol’s audio intruder alert system is activated when someone attempts to break into your facility, not after they’ve already gained entry. This early detection and audio verification results in prompt dispatches to your facility and a higher apprehension rate. Sonitrol has numerous CCTV security equipment options that can provide the coverage you need at your location, whether it’s continually, indoor, outdoor, day, night or motion-activated. Listen to these real audio and video clips of the Sonitrol security service in action.

Audio Clips

Auto Garage Apprehension

Listen for the sound of opening doors, voices in the clip of a break in at an auto garage.

Manufacturing Meddler

Voices of intruders are loud and clear as they attempt to remove equipment at a manufacturing plant.

Sonitrol Operator in Action

Hear a Central Station operator work with Police to dispatch in event of an audio intrusion alert.

Residential Robbery

Sonitrol’s audio intrusion system activates with the sound of breaking glass.

Real Estate Robbers

Loud banging noises, voices indicate intruders in the office after the alarm had been set

Glass Break Gangsters

Small businesses, including restaurants and retail shops, benefit from the audio alert system from Sonitrol.