Plan Your Security Needs Through The End of 2017

We’re closing in on the final quarter of 2017, and now is the time to review or make a new security plan to handle individuals and issues threaten your business. Changing weather and upcoming holidays provide companies unique security challenges. We’ve outlined a number of solutions to help protect your business against these increasing threats present in the coming months.

New Employees

Are you planning on hiring seasonal workers through the end of the year? Utilize Sonitrol’s Managed Access Control to easily assign new
ID cards to employees and deactivate when
they leave the company. Use your access
control system as a measure against internal
theft, as you can see when someone entered
your building and you can limit movements
within the facility.

Changes in Office Hours and Closures
Business hours often change throughout the end of the year, and some days offices shut down for days at a time over the holidays. Schedule any changes now with our Access Control team so you’ll be prepared well in advance. Download our Mobile App or log on to MySonitrol to see your system status when you are away from the building.

Increasing Security Technology
Consider investing in new technology that offers additional protection this winter.  Panic buttons paired with Sonitrol’s verified audio detection offer a unique solution for businesses that remain open 24 hours during the holidays. Cameras act as a powerful deterrent and loss prevention tool. Install Sonitrol network cameras with video verification for quick reporting of suspicious activity or intrusion on your property.
Use Winter ‘Down Time’ for System Upgrades
Schedule system upgrades for periods of slow times at the end of the year. Explore new IP options for intrusion and video security that allow you to monitor your system while you’re away or on the go. Work with our team of Security Consultants to expand your current system or review additional security measures to improve protection.