Make a Resolution for Fewer False Alarms in 2017

As we count down to 2017 at the end of the week, we want to help you make (and keep!) a resolution for a safer and more secure 2017!


We’ve listed below our top 10 tips to help you reduce false alarms.
Many of these are quick and simple, making it easy to keep this resolution.


While Sonitrol verified intrusion and video systems are designed to
reduce false alarms, these action items below help you to further minimize your risk.


#10: Be sure all employees know how to contact Sonitrol, especially in the event of an accidental alarm or an invalid code. The direct number to our central station is (317) 261-2600.


#9: If you think there is an issue with your system, contact Sonitrol immediately. Address potential problems before they become major vulnerabilities.


#8: If your office hours change for any reason, call us to update your door lock/unlock times.


#7: If you are updating your phone system, notify Sonitrol immediately. Interruptions in communication can lead to false alarms.


#6: Schedule a training session to educate all employees. User error can set off many false alarms.


#5: Everyday items like candles, burnt food and low batteries can trigger false fire alarms.


#4: Leaving doors propped open can send false alarm signals. Contact our Central Station if you plan to keep a door open for an extended period of time.


#3: Testing your system routinely helps keep everything in proper working order and allows you to address any problems before they cause false alarms.


#2: Make sure your user and call lists are up to date. Contacting current decision makers helps eliminate false alarms.


#1: Routinely review your system components. Older systems may need to be updated or replaced.