Maintain Control Over Who Enters Your Office and Building

Do you always know who has unrestricted access
to your building?


Does everyone in your office use the same
pin code or do they even bother setting the alarm?


Easily take control of who visits your facility with Sonitrol’s Managed Access solutions. Whether
they are your regular employees, temporary staff,
or contractors and vendors, you can know exactly
who accessed your building, when they arrived,
and where they went.

  • Always check the ID of any visitor to your building. If they are not directly employed by your company, ask for their credentials. You never know who might be posing as a cleaning or construction crew, like this recent trio of burglars in California.
  • Consider adding or upgrading your current cards to photo ID badges. Your staff will be properly identified and will have the same access levels as your current cards or fobs.
  • Assign access cards to everyone in your building – including temporary staff and visitors. With Sonitrol’s Managed Access, assigning and deactivating badges are simple with MySonitrol. Save money by not having to change the locks every time someone loses their keys!
  • Don’t want your overnight cleaning crew to have access to secure areas? Control where cardholders can go with your custom access levels. Protect sensitive and secure high-value areas with additional card readers that work seamlessly with your system.


Learn more about Sonitrol’s Managed Access Control solutions and contact your security consultant to discover more ways to protect your business from unwelcome visitors.