Learn More About Verified Alarm Response and PPVAR

Sonitrol of Indianapolis is a member of the Partnership for Priority Verified Alarm Response (PPVAR), a group established to educate and reduce
crime through law enforcement response to verified alarms. Sonitrol’s
unique audio detection and SonaVision monitoring allow operators in
locally operated Central Stations to listen in to crimes in progress and receive video clips directly from a facility. Verified alarms lead to quicker police response time, fewer false alarms and more apprehensions.

From the PPVAR website: http://www.ppvar.org

“PPVAR was established to educate all electronic security stakeholders on the value of video to verify alarm activity during the dispatch process and ultimately reduce false alarms and increase apprehension rates for burglar alarm customers.

“We have built an organization comprised of members from Law Enforcement, the Insurance Industry and the Electronic Security Industry to fairly represent all interests in the battle against property crime to provide the most reliable and cost effective alarm response to the end user.”