Improve Visitor Security and Management at Your Business

Most businesses see an influx of visitors and unfamiliar faces during this time
of year. New drivers are out delivering seasonal packages, contractors are
making end-of-year repairs, and out-of-town friends and family are dropping by
your office to visit employees.


Practice security this season with Sonitrol’s managed access control systems
and with these simple steps to keep your staff safe from unwanted visitors.


Create temporary pin codes or assign visitor access cards to friends, family,
or business associates who will only need access to your facility for a short
amount of time.


Require any contractors, repair technicians, cleaning crews, or any person requesting access to service your building or your security equipment to show valid identification before granting them entry to your facility.


Always contact Sonitrol if you need to verify a code, Sonitrol employee, or procedure – or if you just have a general question about your security system. Our monitoring center is staffed 24/7 and is available to assist with inquiries and emergencies.


Call the Sonitrol Indy office at 317-261-2600 if you want to talk to a security consultant about expanding your managed access control solutions, or if you need to reach our Central Station at any time day or night.