Frequently Asked Questions

There are many factors that set Sonitrol apart from other providers.  Thanks to our audio technology, Sonitrol is able to provide floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall coverage, protecting areas that can’t be seen by conventional systems’ motion detectors. And with Sonitrol’s live audio signals, there’s no guesswork. Our operators can swiftly verify what’s happening and either call the police or reset the system, virtually eliminating false alarms.

Many traditional alarm companies rely on signals from door contacts, glass breaks, and motion detectors. These types of signals aren’t received until the bad guy is already inside your space! Sonitrol’s audio technology  enables us to hear the criminals while they’re still trying to get in. These valuable minutes save result in thousands of Sonitrol-assisted apprehensions each year. In addition, your alarm company’s signals can’t be verified, so there’s no way to distinguish a false alarm from a real break-in.

Sonitrol systems are designed uniquely for each client, as package deals are not routinely offered. Our security consultants work with you directly to identify your needs and create a system that provides solutions addressing your concerns. Very few homes and businesses are fully protected with the standard “three openings and a keypad” design you might get elsewhere for $99, or perhaps even for free. All of our products are competitively priced without sacrificing quality and service.

Many individuals want the best security available for their homes, and Sonitrol Security Consultants are available to help design a residential system to address your security concerns. We can create a system using Sonitrol’s verified audio technology to protect your loved ones, and all residential systems are monitored at our local Central Station in downtown Indianapolis.

Generally speaking, criminals who know us avoid Sonitrol protected facilities. Because our coverage is 100%, they know they can’t break in and be undetected. Still, there are some who try that do manage to get away. With our live audio detection, the police typically respond very quickly, often arriving before the bad guys enter your premises. This means they can simply drop what they’re doing and run. The good news is, the bad guys who got away never made it inside your business, and your valuables are safe. They won’t return to your site because they now know how quickly the police will arrive.

Keyless entry, known in the industry as “access control”, is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase security. Not only do businesses have to worry about burglars, they need to protect their physical location, intellectual property and employees. Complete with Sonitrol technology and security, you can create ID cards with your company’s logo, employee photos and restrictions on where and when your employees go. Access control systems are excellent if you deal with outside vendors, cleaning and maintenance crews and visitors, as you can monitor and restrict their movements while protecting your office and your property.

Motion detectors are used in many residences and businesses with conventional alarm systems as a way to detect intruders. Sonitrol systems are driven by audio technology, which provide 100% coverage, which you cannot get with traditional motion detectors alone. By using motion detectors in conjunction with a Sonitrol audio monitoring system, you’ll experience fewer false alarms for police and fire departments.

With traditional security alarm systems, only a percentage of your office or home is covered. Door and window sensors are usually key detection mechanisms, as well as motion detectors in high-traffic areas. This set up allows for areas to go undetected, results in slower response times and higher false alarms.

With Sonitrol’s verified audio intrusion systems, our customers receive the fastest possible response time because of our unique sound detection technology. Audio sensors place throughout your building provide floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall coverage and can pinpoint where a break-in occurs. Sonitrol’s 24-hour Central Monitoring Station hears the audio, can verify that an intrusion is in progress, and notify the police immediately. Unlike other alarm systems, the Sonitrol audio alarm rings soundlessly, lulling intruders into a false sense of security, while the sounds of break-ins are traced to their origin and authorities are alerted. With the verified audio confirmation of a break-in, police know exactly where in your building to look for thieves.

Your investment in security depends on the equipment needed to protect your organization, business or home. In effort to provide you with a complete protection system, our Security Consultants will set up an appointment with you to address your needs, visit your site and understand what you expect in a security system. These assessments are free and are scheduled at your convenience. If someone tries to sell you a package system without first understanding who you are, are you getting the most comprehensive coverage available?

Some traditional alarm companies making claims of free installation and cheap monitoring, you want to remember the difference between price and cost. Your Sonitrol system will be customized for the unique needs of your business.

  • Audio security sensors give our clients the highest return on investment.
  • A number of our customers have chosen Sonitrol after a poor experience with a traditional system. While a Sonitrol system may carry a higher price than traditional, package systems, you’ll save in the long run with fewer false alarms and undetected
    break ins.
  • Conventional security requires someone break-in through a door or window with a contact sensor or walk in front of a motion sensor. Sonitrol’s audio system allows for verification by our Central Station and a quick dispatch of the appropriate authorities.
  • Nationally, the average police response time to a Sonitrol alarm is about 7 minutes, while a conventional alarm system is pushing 40 minutes.
  • Your Sonitrol system is monitored locally in Indianapolis and has developed a relationship with local authorities.
  • Sonitrol audio detection intrusion systems come with a number of written guarantees as part of our Commitment to Service.

Our Verification Center only monitors security systems we design and install. The Sonitrol audio security technology is unique, as is our Commitment to Service. To meet our high standards, we install our equipment to our design specifications. In addition, all of the Sonitrol product offerings – fireintrusionvideo and access – can be seamlessly integrated to provide complete protection and peace of mind that comes from dealing with one security provider.

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. Our operators can only hear what’s going on at your business when the system is turned on and something sets off an audio sensor.

Audio sensors deliver complete security. Most alarm systems cover less than half of a building’s square footage. Our audio sensor technology gives you 100% coverage, earlier detection, faster police response, and fewer false alarms. These combine to deliver the highest apprehension rate of suspects.

Hear real audio detections for yourself. Schedule a free consultation for a live demonstration of audio detection technology.

Police consider a call about a burglary (or other criminal act) verified when an eyewitness or audio or video technology can confirm what is happening.

Sonitrol operators have the required technology and skill to verify a break-in is taking place. This gives your business “verified security.” Alarm systems that depend on motion and contact sensors have no way for the operator to know what set off the alarm – a burglar or a spider. Those security systems give “unverified security”.

A cell back-up is digital wireless technology that lets your system communicate with our monitoring center if your regular phone line/security panel network connection fails. If your phone line cut, or if the phone or your network goes down, your system will still remain on and intact. Sonitrol’s monitoring center will receive a signal letting us know your connection is down, allowing us to take action to keep you secure.

Absolutely! Customers who have access to can review this information online, or you can contact the Sonitrol office for information. Additionally, you can remove old or request new employee PINs, set times to lock and unlock office doors, and much more with a simple call.