Central Station Action Results in Two Notable Apprehensions

Because of the verified audio and video technology that Sonitrol offers,
we have the lowest false alarm rate along with the highest apprehension
rate in the industry.


While she may be relatively new to Sonitrol, Central Station Operator
Tina wasted no time in assisting law enforcement in catching would-be intruders! Within her first two weeks, Tina dispatched local law enforcement on a verified alarm and the police apprehended the suspect.


However, the criminals apparently have not learned yet about Tina and Sonitrol’s verified technology.
Less than two weeks after her first apprehension, Tina received a verified video alarm and quickly
dispatched police.


The suspect fled the scene after a rapid response from police, and the suspect was injured in the chase. In addition to apprehending the subject, the responding officer provided stabilizing medical care on sight, saving the man’s life! Read more about this life-saving apprehension.


Congrats to Tina on both of these apprehensions in October!