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November 10, 2017 Sonitrol Fire Detection, Protection, and Monitoring
September 28, 2017

Plan Your Security Needs Through the End of 2017

Setptember 6, 2017 Ending 'Late-to-Arm" Service on October 1, 2017
July 20, 2017 What is Your School Security Plan?
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Sonitrol Fire Detection, Protection, and Monitoring

Published November 10 by Lauren Kirk


Protecting your business against damage and loss from
fire is an essential part of any security plan.

Installing, inspecting, and maintaining the correct fire detection equipment to provide full coverage at your facility helps keep your building protected and your team safe.


Is Your Facilty Complete Protected?

Sonitrol offers comprehensive solutions to protect your business that can be easily integrated with your existing Sonitrol intrusion, video, and access control systems.


Schools, distribution centers, and multi-tenant office buildings all have different fire protection requirements, and Sonitrol is able to equip your facility with complete coverage. Our team of Security Consultants is ready to design a fire detection system that meets the specific needs of your industry. Sonitrol's broad suite of services includes:

  • Smoke & Heat Protection
  • Waterflow & Sprinkler Monitoring
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Elevator Recall
  • Voice Evacuation System
  • Duct Detection
  • System Inspections

Having the right equipment is only one part of a complete protection package; you need the right people in place to monitor your system. Our 24-hour Central Station is on the job to interpret alarm signals and promptly dispatch the appropriate emergency response team to your facility.


Common Internal Fire Threats
While Sonitrol is outfitting your facility with a complete fire detection system, take the time to train your team on simple fire prevention measures. We've outlined below two of the most common fire-related 'internal threats' we see this time of year and steps to prevent damage, injury, and loss.


Bringing in leftovers from holiday feasts can be a great lunchtime treat, but reheating those tasty meals can cause damage if not done properly. Do not leave microwaves, ovens, and stoves unattended while in use; this simple fire protection tip can prevent false alarms from burnt food and can prevent costly fire-related damage at your facility.


Space heaters and other portable heating equipment are potential fire hazards, especially
during this time of year. If your employees use these devices, keep all objects at least three
feet away from heaters
and do not use them without supervision. Never use portable heating
units with a power strip or extension cord
- always plug directly into a secure wall outlet.


Give our team a call at 317-261-2600 or fill out the online contact form to review your current
system or design a plan that provides complete protection for your facility.


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Plan Your Security Needs Through The End of 2017

Published September 28 by Lauren Kirk


We're closing in on the final quarter of 2017, and now is the time to review or make a new security plan to handle individuals and issues threaten your business. Changing weather and upcoming holidays provide companies unique security challenges. We've outlined a number of solutions to help protect your business against these increasing threats present in the coming months.


New Employees

Are you planning on hiring seasonal workers through the end of the year? Utilize Sonitrol's Managed Access Control to easily assign new
ID cards to employees and deactivate when
they leave the company. Use your access
control system as a measure against internal
theft, as you can see when someone entered
your building and you can limit movements
within the facility.


Changes in Office Hours and Closures
Business hours often change throughout the end of the year, and some days offices shut down for days at a time over the holidays. Schedule any changes now with our Access Control team so you'll be prepared well in advance. Download our Mobile App or log on to MySonitrol to see your system status when you are away from the building.


Increasing Security Technology
Consider investing in new technology that offers additional protection this winter.  Panic buttons paired with Sonitrol's verified audio detection offer a unique solution for businesses that remain open 24 hours during the holidays. Cameras act as a powerful deterrent and loss prevention tool. Install Sonitrol network cameras with video verification for quick reporting of suspicious activity or intrusion on your property.
Use Winter 'Down Time' for System Upgrades
Schedule system upgrades for periods of slow times at the end of the year. Explore new IP options for intrusion and video security that allow you to monitor your system while you're away or on the go. Work with our team of Security Consultants to expand your current system or review additional security measures to improve protection. 


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Ending 'Late-to-Arm' Service on October 1, 2017

Published September 6 by Lauren Kirk


Sonitrol of Indianapolis is officially discontinuing the Late To Arm after-hours call service
on Sunday, October 1, 2017.

However, there are several alternative convenient options to monitor your system and remotely arm/disarm.
You can utilize the MySonitrol web portal to view your system/user status. Additionally, you can run reports and see alarm dispatches.
With your MySonitrol subscription, you can download and log into the Sonitrol Mobile App and easily monitor the status of your system when you're away. If your security system uses IP or cellular communication, you can remotely arm your facility while you're on the go!
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your security consultant at 317-261-2600.


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What is Your School Security Plan?

Published July 20 by Lauren Kirk


As Central Indiana schools head back to the classroom, it's crucial to make safety and security an important part of your
back-to-school preparations.


Sonitrol is one of the largest providers of
school security systems in North America,
including several districts and independent schools throughout Central Indiana, securing more than 12,000 schools nationwide.


>> Listen to an actual school break-in.


As you register for school, meet teachers, and attend open houses, explore the security solutions provided at your child's school. If Sonitrol is not the security provider for your school, ask why! Have your school's administrators contact our team of expert Security Consultants to enhance protection of the school building, staff, and students.


>> View an interactive school security demonstration.


Sonitrol's complete security solutions include more than just cameras and burglar alarms - discover some of the most common ways Sonitrol keeps schools safe and secure.



Schools are especially vulnerable to violence, and a lockdown plan with integrated wireless panic buttons and electronic door locks can isolate and control intruders.



Sonitrol's access control solutions, including keyless entry options and photo ID badges, gives you the power to track and limit who has access - including students, staff, vendors, and visitors - and when they have the ability to visit the school property.



Utilize door intercom systems with audio and video to prescreen building visitors.


Caught on Tape

Our video verification technology with network-connected high-definition cameras can monitor both inside and outside the school day and night. During school breaks and summer vacation, Sonitrol's SonaVision monitoring alerts our local Central Station if intruders break into your empty school.



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