• Verified Audio Detection

    The Sonitrol audio intrusion security system captures the sounds of a break-in, resulting in police dispatch
    and even apprehensions before burglars get into your facility.


  •                Keyless Entry Systems

    An essential part of building security management,
    access control systems allows you to control and
    monitor who enters your facility and where they go.

  • Comprehensive Fire Protection

    Outfitting your facility with fire detection products is the first step in protecting your business. 24-hour monitoring by Sonitrol’s local Central Station is the second.

  • Breakthrough Video Technology

    Did you know video surveillance can prevent both internal and external theft? Use digital technology to keep an eye on your business at all times.


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Comprehensive Corporate Security Solutions

Sonitrol is the go-to company for integrated, state-of-the-art intrusion security, video equipment, access control systems and fire protection services, all backed with professional monitoring by experienced, trained personnel.  Read More »


TotalGuard Verified Video
Our Services
Audio Detection

Audio Detection

Verified audio intrusion systems result in fewer false alarms and faster police response times.

Access Control

Access Control
Track and limit entry to buildings and sensitive areas of your business.

Fire Protection

Fire Protection
Early detection and verification are key to limiting loss due to fire.

Video Equipment

Security Cameras
Gather visual documentation and deter both internal and external theft. 

Sonivision Monitoring

SonaVision Monitoring
Video verification security and monitoring from Sonitrol’s central station, which includes our new TotalGuardTM all-in-one system.

Sonitrol in Action
Sonitrol in Action

Sonitrol audio technology and video monitoring services catch bad guys in the act, resulting in quick dispatches and apprehensions.

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Listen to Actual Break-Ins


Watch Footage of Crimes   


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Sonitrol and PPVAR

Sonitrol of Indianapolis is a member of the Partnership for Priority Verified Alarm Response (PPVAR). Click to learn more about PPVAR and the importance of verified alarms.







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