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Security Access Control Systems Decrease Liability, Risk

Security Access Control Systems Decrease Liability, Risk

Businesses are vulnerable to internal, as well as external threats. Sonitrol access control systems allow businesses to track and limit entry to buildings and sensitive areas, providing protection for valuable information and data and a safer work environment for employees.


No more lost keys. No more expense of installing new locks or re-keying. When an employee leaves, or is reassigned, the card is easily deactivated. If needed, a new, updated card can be issued. Only authorized users can enter your facility, or designated areas within your facility - reducing the possibility of internal theft and external threats, protecting your physical and intellectual property, and limiting potential workplace violence. 


Managed Access

Sonitrol manages and monitors your system 24 hours a day from our Monitoring Center. We keep a record of cardholders and generate entry and exit reports. If you wish, you can view time, attendance and scheduling reports; disarm a user's access card or assign access levels; program scheduled door locks/unlocks; and perform other management functions at our password-protected, secure user website,



If you want to manage access control yourself, Sonitrol eAccess security software puts the power in your hands. This browser-based security system works for organizations of all sizes and offers access anytime to your security system from internet-ready devices. eAccess seamlessly integrates with a number of Sonitrol security services, including CCTV system and your DVR, alarm inputs, elevator control, temperature monitoring, just to list a few.

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