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May 14, 2015

BOMA Indy's "Around the World" Annual Trade Show

May 5, 2015

Learn More About Verified Response and PPVAR

April 30, 2015

Get to Know Sonitrol of Indianapolis: James Mayer, Sales

April 18, 2015

Get to Know Sonitrol of Indianapolis: James Bryant, Install Tech

March 25, 2015

Spring Plans for Safety & Security

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BOMA Indy's "Around The World" Annual Trade Show

Published May 14 by Lauren Kirk 


It was a party - complete with a piñata! - at the 2015 BOMA Indianapolis "Around the World" Trade Show. The event was a great opportunity to meet with familiar faces and reach out to new friends within 
the Indianapolis community.





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Learn More About Verified Alarm Response and PPVAR

Published May 5 by Lauren Kirk 

Sonitrol of Indianapolis is a member of the Partnership for Priority Verified Alarm Response (PPVAR), a group established to educate and reduce
crime through law enforcement response to verified alarms. Sonitrol’s
unique audio detection and SonaVision monitoring allow operators in
locally operated Central Stations to listen in to crimes in progress and receive video clips directly from a facility. Verified alarms lead to quicker police response time, fewer false alarms and more apprehensions.


From the PPVAR website:

“PPVAR was established to educate all electronic security stakeholders on the value of video to verify alarm activity during the dispatch process and ultimately reduce false alarms and increase apprehension rates for burglar alarm customers.


“We have built an organization comprised of members from Law Enforcement, the Insurance Industry and the Electronic Security Industry to fairly represent all interests in the battle against property crime to provide the most reliable and cost effective alarm response to the end user.”


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Get to Know Sonitrol of Indianapolis: James Mayer, Security Consultant

Published April 30 by Lauren Kirk


James Mayer joined the Sonitrol of Indianapolis team in December 2014 as a
Security Consultant. You’ll find James working with new and existing Sonitrol customers on the Northeast Side of Indianapolis, including neighborhoods and
cities in Marion, Hamilton and Hancock Counties. Before joining the Sonitrol team, James worked in different industries, acquiring skills in logistics, strategic planning, customer service, business development and operations management. Originally
from California, James has settled himself here in the Hoosier State, receiving his
BS in Finance - Corporate Financial Management and Financial Planning.


What is the most unique feature of the Sonitrol Audio Verification System?

The ability to listen in real time to an event as it occurs and provide accurate, up-to-date information to law enforcement.


What advice do you offer customers to prevent false alarms?  
Keep it Simple!  Too many partitions and complications often lead to confusion with employees and ultimately false alarms.


If you had to take on another role at Sonitrol, who would you want to trade jobs with?

Honestly, I would work with the installation team, as I enjoy doing things with my hands.  At the end of the day it’s rewarding to see your handiwork.  When I first started at Sonitrol, I was put in the field to work with the technicians. It was great learning experience and I really enjoyed it.  Our installation technicians do an outstanding job and take great pride in their work and it’s apparent in the results.  I’m continually impressed at what they are able to accomplish.


What do you find most challenging about your position? Most rewarding?

Most challenging would be the learning about older existing systems or equipment installed by a different vendor.  I want to fully understand what a customer has and what they are looking for in security to make recommendations accordingly.  Most rewarding is helping a customer and the people I get to meet every day.  It’s exciting to learn about different businesses all the time.


Seeing as you’re in the security business, it’s highly likely that you believe that security is a necessity for businesses. Why do you believe that?
Break-ins and vandalism are very disruptive to one’s business.  Additionally, employee safety at the workplace is another reason why security is so important.  With everything that happens these days, you can’t be too careful! 


What’s the easiest way to get ahold of you?

Call my cell phone – it goes where I go!


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Get to Know Sonitrol of Indianapolis: James Bryant, Installation Technician

Published April 18 by Lauren Kirk


James Bryant joins our installation team after working several years in the
industry as an installation technician and engineer.  James graduated from University of Indianapolis with a BS in Communication and immediately put his
skills to work installing integrated communication and security systems. Before joining Sonitrol, James gained experience with Access Control, CCTV installation and configuration, network and electronic security systems and broadcast communication equipment.


We asked James a few questions to get to know him better:


When did you first begin working with Sonitrol?

I began working here in November 2014. I had heard of Sonitrol from working previously in the industry and seeing Sonitrol products in the field.


What do you enjoy most about working as an Installation Technician?

I enjoy being able to install Sonitrol systems from start to finish. I like installing Sonitrol’s IP-based products and configuring them to work at a customer’s site.


If you had to take on another role at Sonitrol, who would you want to trade jobs with?

Mike Lanker in Access/Programming.I enjoy configuring systems, but I also enjoy putting them in.


What is your favorite thing about Indiana/Indianapolis?

This is my hometown – I love watching this city grow. The Indy 500 is awesome, too.


What do you find most challenging about your position? Most rewarding?

Installing fire systems are the most challenging – they are particular and different enough from Sonitrol security products to require extra time, effort and attention to detail. The most rewarding part is when I get a customer’s new system up and running and ready for hand off and training.


What is the question you get asked most often during installations?

 “What makes Sonitrol different or better?”


What suggestions or advice would you have for businesses looking to put in a security system for the first time?

You get what you pay for. Less secured areas and lower cost options can lead to compromised security. It’s important to choose quality when choosing a security system.


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Spring Plans for Safety & Security

Published March 25 by Lauren Kirk


spring flowersThe snow is melting, temperatures are rising and spring is here! As with every changing season, there are preventative steps to take to maintain safety and
security for your business, home and most importantly, you.


For Your Business:

With spring comes warmer weather (soon, we promise!), and with warmer weather comes the desire for fresh air! If windows are open during the day, ensure they are locked and secured before leaving in the evening. Practice safety and learn prevention during Window Safety Week, which is observed April 5-11.


Test smoke alarms at your facility. It’s recommended to change the batteries twice yearly with clocks spring forward and fall back. If you believe your equipment needs to be tested or replaced, submit a service request.


With many employees on vacation, ensure that authorized users and emergency contacts on your account will be reachable in the event of an alarm or emergency. If changes need to be made, contact our Central Station at 317-261-2600 to update your list.


Be cautious when using email auto-responders and voicemail greetings. Using the exact dates you’ll be out of the office (or business will be closed) inform criminals of when to target your facility. This is valuable also as a loss prevention tool, as suspicious employees know when a facility will be empty or unsupervised.


Keep landscaping maintained at your facility, as shrubs, trees and plants will be growing again soon. Keep bushes trimmed below windows and trim trees so limbs are out of reach from your buildings and roofs. Attractive landscaping can also provide great cover and access to your building for criminals.



For Your Home:

If you are planning on traveling, keep an eye on personal belongings and secure your valuables. Items left unattended and out in the open are easy targets for criminals, both at home and on the road.


beach vacationAs with your office email, don’t advertise your vacation plans until
you’re back home
. Thieves spend time on social media looking for empty

houses, cars and facilities.


If you are staying in a hotel, try to reserve a room above the first floor
(easy access for thieves) and below the sixth floor, as fire ladders may not
extend to higher floors.


Have a trusted friend or neighbor collect your mail and newspapers while you are away.   Newspapers piled up at the end of a driveway signal to thieves that no one is home!


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